XMax Starry - Dosing Capsules (5-pack)

19 €
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The Starry dosing capsules make loading and reloading your Starry easy, whether at home or outside.

The dosing capsule acts as a small stainless steel container for your herbs. Instead of loading herbs directly into the vaporizer oven, you load the capsule made specifically for your Starry.

The capsules add an extra layer of metal around your herbs so they never touch the oven directly. Cleaning the capsules is simpler than cleaning the oven so not only do you save time on filling, but also on maintenance.

The included travel tube lets you stack and store your pre-loaded capsules. The silicone lids seal them securely for discreet and easy reloading when it is time to vape.


  • Dosing capsules (5)
  • Travel tube (1)

Intended for use with: XMax Starry V4.