Metal Space Grinder

29 €


Metal Space Grinder by MagicVaporizers is the ultimate 4-piece grinder that is perfectly equipped to prepare all types of herbs. The grinder measures 4 centimetres in diameter and 4.5 centimetres in height, meaning you can easily fit it in your pocket. To take care of the actual grinding, the Metal Space Grinder has diamond-shaped sharp metal teeth that are guaranteed to stay sharp for years to come.

The top compartment is where you place the herbs and grind them up. From there, it falls down into the lower compartment onto a screen. Any powder that comes through the screen is accumulated in the bottom compartment for convenient access.

As it’s CNC machined from aerospace aluminium, the pieces of this Metal Space Grinder fit together perfectly and make it durable yet lightweight at just 95 g. To use, simply open the top compartment, add your herbs, close it and rotate the top to start the grinding. Open it up and get your grounded herbs!


  • Four-piece Metal Space Grinder
  • Spade for powder
  • Durable carry bag

Available in Onyx Black and Metallic Blue.