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  1. This Battery has a 900 mAh capacity and is perfect if you want an extra one for your DaVinci MIQRO
    DaVinci MIQRO - Battery
    Special Price 16 €
  2. This Mouthpiece is identical to the mouthpiece included with the DaVinci IQ2 and is good if you need to replace it or want an extra one
    DaVinci IQ2 - Mouthpiece
    Special Price 11 €
  3. The Pearl distributes the heat evenly inside the DaVinci IQ2 oven
    DaVinci IQC / IQ2 - Pearl
    Special Price 11 €
  4. This Dosage Pod Holder has the same shape as a DaVinci IQ unit and can store up to 6 dosage pods.
    DaVinci - Dosage Pod Holder
    Special Price 39 €
  5. DaVinci - Dosage Grinder
    DaVinci - Dosage Grinder
    Special Price 69 €
  6. DaVinci MIQRO - Glove
    DaVinci MIQRO - Glove
    Special Price 14 €
  7. Store your DaVinci MIQRO conveniently in this Soft Case
    DaVinci MIQRO - Soft Case
    Special Price 16 €
  8. This Pearl for DaVinci MIQRO can be used to adjust the size of the oven so you can match it with your herb quantity
    DaVinci MIQRO - Pearl
    Special Price 11 €
  9. This 4-piece Metal Grinder is very durable and can grind up any type of herbs
    Metal Grinder
    Special Price 25 €
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