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Volcano Classic

329 €

379 € Save 50 €

Volcano Classic
Volcano Classic Volcano Classic - Included Volcano Classic Volcano Classic Volcano Classic Volcano Classic

329 €

379 € Save 50 €

329 €

379 € Save 50 €

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Volcano Classic on 06 May. 2019.

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The Volcano Classic Vaporizer is the best-selling balloon vaporization system. Powered by effective convection heating that channels filtered air through a high-quality heating block, the Volcano Classic is able to produce vapour that is both dense and easy to consume. Its design allows the vapour to cool down to a comfortable temperature inside of the balloon, leaving you with smooth and balanced vapour that other electric vaporizers just can’t match. Simply put, the Volcano Classic is the Rolls Royce of vaporizers.

Analog temperature control allows you to ‘set it and forget it’ once you find the temperature that meets your preferences. After setting the temperature, things are as simple as switching the heater on and then activating the fan once the unit has heated up. The Volcano Classic has been the top-selling vaporizer for over a decade thanks to its combination of an appealing aesthetic and unmatched vaporization power. As the unit is entirely electromechanical, there are no electric circuits that can get fried, making the Volcano Classic as durable as you would expect a high-end vaporizer to be.


  • Food-safe aluminium heating block
  • High performance heating cartridge
  • Strong diaphragm pump
  • Advanced German technology
  • Temperature between 130 °C and 230 °C
  • Electromechanical design
  • 3-year warranty
  • Includes easy valve set


Accessories (Included)

  • Filling chamber
  • Balloon set (Easy Valve)
  • Normal screen set
  • Air filter set
  • Liquid pad
  • Cleaning brush
  • Grinder
  • Instruction manual



The Classic Volcano from Storz & Bickel is considered the latest innovation in the vaping science field, rivalled only by its big brother—the Volcano Digit. Since it has been ruling the market for almost a decade without having gone through any major redesigns, you can be certain that the German technicians made it perfect the first time around. Customer reviews prove it as well. 


The extremely accurate temperate control system lets you control both the aroma and density of the produced vapour. Since the Volcano Classic uses the forced air method, it can effectively disperse the air over your aromatherapy blends, extracting the aromas without burning the material. In case you get caught up in something or just want to save it for later, the vapour can be stored in the balloon for up to 8 hours. 



The extraordinary, patented VOLCANO System technology channels air enriched with aromas through the valve into the balloon. No vapour is lost as the entirety of generated vapour is accumulated inside of the balloon. After it’s filled, the valve balloon can be completely detached and removed from the vaporizer. Its contents can then be enjoyed at ease, independently from the vaporization process, which makes it both convenient, comfortable and safe.



The Volcano Classic comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, restricted to normal use.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Manufacturer Storz & Bickel
Size (length x width x height) 20,3 x 20,3 x 17,8 cm
Vaporizer Weight 1.200 g
Style Classic Silver
Power Source Plug-In
Heating Element Aluminum Alloy Heating Block
Vapor Delivery Method Forced Air - Ballon Fill
Country of Manufacture Germany
Warranty 3 years

Reviews of Volcano Classic

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4.7 Based on 39 ratings:
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Loving it

I love this! Now I totally agree one hundred percent to the many reviews out there that the volcano classic is the best desktop vaporizer there is. It is! Oh my God, going through all the process and finally learning how to use it and having tasted its vapor for the first time, it was soooooo smooth! I am a huge, huge fan of Storz and Bickel and I just had to save up enough money to be able to get my hands on this gem. I do have portable vapes and I also enjoy how compact it is, but the vapor quality from the volcano is unmatched. Go, go for it!

Expensive but good

Before you buy the Volcano Classic, you have to know what you want and what you are expecting. This is not some fancy portable vape that you can bring around, but it is the most reliable desktop vape in the market. Storz and Bickel are among the best in the business. There are a few annoying things using the volcano classic and it might take some time but all the wait is intensely worth it. The balloon technology is also an exciting thing to learn and use! It produces a delicios flavorful vapor that will have you always satisfied after a session. The only con to this otherwise outstanding device is the price and the complexity. 3 out of 5 stars!

Performs above my expectations

After I bought the volcano classic, I got so excited at finally unboxing the device that I spent hours going into it! This is not an easy device but it is the perfect choice for me. I do not go out much and I use dry blends. My priority has always been vapor quality and boy oh boy does the classic produce the best vape and densest clouds. It is simply one of the best vaping sessions I’ve had. It is stationary so I am always (gladly) in the comforts of my own home. The volcano classic is exactly that... a classic vape that can never go wrong.

Saving me a lot of money

The Volcano Classic is very useful to me. I bought it with an easy valve starter set and I have been using it frequently. Impressed with the product and it has exceeded my expectations. This is clearly a professional and quality product that really caters to the needs of its users. Though a bit expensive, the bags that I use last a long time. I am already using my first bag after 500 or so inflations and it is still good to go. This saves me a lot of money in the long run. Also got the order very fast so I am a very satisfied customer.

Great group vape

I love the volcano. Not just me, but all my friends. We use it together because it is great for groups and it is also very easy to use. I get consistent results from the product so I am really happy with it. We are very satisfied with the vapor quality. Product also perfect for dry herbs and we get perfect hits from it. The heating time is also fast. The volcano is a very good product and I think it has the best bag vape in the market, very solid as well. Used it for dozens inflations already and there is still no need to replace. Will recommend!

Loved it!

Not exactly the solo set-up, but perfect for sharing. I think the volcano classic completes my collection. I have the Plenty and the Volcano, both the digital and the classic one. Had to look at the internet to find the cheapest shipping since the product itself is already a bit expensive, but the shipping and service is fast and reliable. I also like the design of the volcano. Really excited to buy this after a lot of good reviews and definitely was not disappointed. This vaporizer fills up the bags with flavorful vapor in a short amount of time.

Clean clouds every time

One of the best vaporizers for my health. Outstanding services as well. The volcano uses much less material than combustion methods so I get a very clean feeling out of every session. I actually use almost less than a third material so it doesn’t hurt much in the pocket when I really think long term. My health is significantly better and my lungs are happy, especially because I have been a smoker for quite a long time. This is worth your money so do not hesitate to invest in the volcano.

The Volcano Classic is perfect for me.

I noticed it has little waste so it is also very efficient. I use it as a sleep aid because I have problems sleeping. This has significantly improved my sleeping patterns and overall health. I give my gratitude to the makers of this wonderful product.

Not necessarily the best vaporizers for first time users, but definitely the best for groups and long-time vape users. It is also really portable. Like you can carry it in a backpack to a party or a friend’s house. I use it both for therapy and fun. Highly recommended!

I can finally sleep!

I think this is a very useful vaporizer for everyone. I use it daily and it has improved many aspects of my health, including my sleeping patterns. You cannot put a price on your health so I recommend you invest in the Volcano classic. I saw the unit in many hospitals here in my country when I visited one of my relatives and asked the nurses about it. Bought one for myself and have no regrets ever since. This is also good for your lungs and a therapeutic device. Very efficient as well and very superb vapor quality. No regrets with this worthwhile investment.

Thumbs down

For such an expensive product, I was a bit disappointed. Had to shell out around €500, definitely not cheap. It is great for groups and when you use it for solo, the volcano ends up using more material. Don’t buy this if you are thinking of a vaporizer for solo use because it is not efficient. It is also a bit noisy which is annoying to me. I am a heavy user so the hits I get from the volcano is a bit lacking. I’d have wanted something heavier. Unfortunately, the vaporizer did not suit my needs.

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