Flower Mill - Screen Kit

29 €
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The Screen Kit from Flower Mill gives you the flexibility to customise the size of the grinded herbs to match your specific needs. It comes with four premium 304 stainless steel screens and an extra magnetic centre rod and screw.

  • The extra fine screen is recommended when you want to get maximum surface area and fast extractions which is perfect for microdosing with convection vaporizers.
  • The fine screen is recommended for most types of vaporizers as the herbs will be stackable and provide a good airflow throughout.
  • The coarse screen is recommended when your herbs are really dry and you want to avoid producing too much pollen.
  • The extra coarse screen is recommended when you need to grind up large quantities of herbs. Simply start with the coarse screen and then switch to a finer screen that produces the desired texture.

With the additional centre rod and screw, you can keep one screen set up and ready to go for a seamless swap with the one currently in use.


  • Extra fine screen
  • Fine screen
  • Coarse screen
  • Extra coarse screen
  • Centre rod and screw

Please note that this Screen Kit is only compatible with the Premium Edition Flower Mill.