Magnetic USB-C Adapter

15 €

Make charging easier and extend the longevity of your vaporizer by using this Magnetic USB-C Adapter. All you have to do is attach one part of the adapter to your vaporizer, and the other part of it to a USB-C cable. The two parts then connect easily through magnetic force and your vaporizer acts as if it was plugged in normally, but without any force of insertion needed (and it can be done with only one hand!).

The USB port is usually the most sensitive area for mechanical errors due to wear and tear, so by using this adapter you can ensure that your vaporizer will be better protected from any damage to the port.

This Magnetic USB-C Adapter is compatible with all types of vaporizers and can be used with any USB-C cable. It has a 120W / 5A capacity meaning that it's strong enough to even charge laptops.