Magma Bubbler by Magma Industries


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Make your Volcano vapor more comfortable to inhale with the third-party accessory Magma Bubbler by Magma Industries!

This bubbler increases the humidity (over 93%+) and decreases the temperature (up to 40°C less) of the vapor which makes it more smooth on your throat and less harsh on your lungs. This allows you to run your Volcano and at higher temperatures than you usually would, without coughing, and ensures you extract every last bit of your herbs or concentrate.

It's made from a special high-temperature polymer that gives off zero taste or odor and is perfectly safe for use with your Volcano. You can use it with balloons (Easy Valve) and with the tube (if you have a Volcano Hybrid).

If you want even cooler vapor check out the even more premium, hand-blown Obsidian Glass Bubbler by Magma Industries.

Intended for use with: Volcano Digit, Volcano Classic and Volcano Hybrid.