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Warranty Information

If your item(s) has developed a fault during use, firstly, check the instructions manual for the product which should assist you. You can usually find troubleshooting and Warranty information there.

If you require any further information, or details on how to obtain a replacement, you may find it helpful to contact the manufacturer directly. Their details will be provided in the warranty manual which is included with the product. You can also find their contact details on this page.


Arizer Tech

Website: http://arizer.com 

Contact: http://arizer.com/contacts/


Address: 55 Northfield DR, Waterloo, ON, N2K 3T6, Canada


Organicix, LLC (DaVinci)

Website:  http://davincivaporizer.com

Contact: http://davincivaporizer.com/contact-us/

Email: customerservice@davincivaporizer.com

Address:  9484 S. Eastern Ave. 108 Las Vegas, NV, 89123, USA

Phone:  +1 800-336-7224

Oglesby & Butler Ltd (IOLITE)

Website: http://iolite.com

Contact: http://iolite.com/contact_us

Email: info@iolite.com

Address: Oglesby & Butler Ltd,, O'Brien rd Industrial Estate, Carlow, Ireland.

Phone: +353-59-9143333



Website: http://magic-flight.com

Contact: http://magic-flight.com/contact.php

Email: customerservice@magic-flight.com

Address:  550 W. C Street, Suite 1150, SAN DIEGO CA 92101, USA

Phone: +1 858-776-4975

Storz & Bickel (Volcano)

Website: http://storz-bickel.com

Email: info@storz-bickel.com

Address: Rote Strasse 1,Tuttlingen 78532, Germany

Phone: +49-7461-969707-0



Website: https://airvapeusa.com/

Contact: https://airvapeusa.com/pages/about-us

Email: hello@airvapeusa.com

Address: 11400 West Olympic BL. 2nd FL, STE 267 Los Angeles, CA 90064

Boundless Technology

Website: http://bndlstech.com

Contact: http://bndlstech.com/contacts

Email: info@bndlstech.com

Address: 1801 S. Excise ave suite 112, Ontario CA. 91761


Website: https://www.thefirefly.com/

Contact: https://www.thefirefly.com/support

Email: support@thefirefly.com


Website: http://flowermateusa.com/

Contact: http://flowermateusa.com/contact/

Email: info@flowermateusa.com

Address: 1801 S. Excise Ave. Suite 113, Ontario CA. 91761


Website: https://www.paxvapor.com/

Contact: https://www.paxvapor.com/de/support/contact/

Email: support.de@pax.com


Website: http://vapir.com/

Contact: http://www.vapir.com/support/contact-us

Email: customerservice@vapir.com