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Our expert staff loves to answer questions, especially when it comes to vaporizers.

There are some questions that we get asked all the time, so we've compiled a list and made them available to all. If you don't see your question here, just ask us yourself through the Customer Service page. One of our expert staff members will be happy to answer all of your questions and address your concerns.


1. What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that heats up aromatherapy blends to a temperature at which they release their aromas into an aromatic vapour.


2. What are vaporizers used for?

Vaporizers are used to heat up different types of aromatherapy blends to release vapour aromas. Throughout history and all around the world, the essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile, jasmine, lemon balm, rose, sage and thyme have been used in perfumes and incense mixtures for their beneficial effects on the body and mind. 


3. Do you include a power adapter for the vaporizers manufactured outside of Europe?

Yes! We will include a power adapter for all vaporizers that require one that will work for all countries in Europe.


4. Can I order individual replacement/custom parts?

Yes, of course. Keeping your vaporizer free from dirty or damaged parts is the best way to promote the longest lifetime of the unit. We offer a full inventory of replacement and upgrade parts for every product on offer in our store.


5. What maintenance is typically required?

Staying on top of residue build-up is the most important day-to-day maintenance practice for your vaporizer. Every vaporizer needs to be taken care of in a slightly different way, but most have removable screens that allow for hassle-free replacements, and many of our vaporizers come with cleaning kits that will help preserve the aroma of your vapour. With a little bit of tender, loving care, your vaporizer will stay clean and return the favour by providing you with rich vapour for years to come.


6. Can my ingredients burn in my vaporizer?

Typically not. However, some vaporizers have very wide temperature ranges and may ignite delicate aromatherapy ingredients at the highest temperature levels. Other vaporizers, like the Volcano, are designed to be incapable of reaching temperatures above 230 °C, thereby making it impossible to ignite most materials. Always take care to ensure the temperature your vaporizer is set to is not above the maximum vaporization temperature.


7. Which temperature should I select?

While the perfect temperature varies by vaporizer and material type, you will know that the temperature setting is correct when you can see a fine, translucent white mist. Barely visible vapour often indicates that either the temperature is not high enough or that extraction is complete and it is time to refill the chamber. The best way to find your favourite temperature is to start low and slowly work your way up until the desired aromas are released.


8. How long does shipping take?

Normal delivery time with UPS within the EU is 1–4 business days and 4–6 business days outside the EU.


We generally ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving them. If you are taking advantage of our free shipping offer you can expect your shipment in as little as 3 business days. Although payment processing can sometimes delay shipments, more than 80% of our orders are delivered within 5 days of purchase. Keep in mind that orders placed on the weekend will not necessarily ship until the next business day.


Read more about shipping on our Shipping page.

9. Where do you ship to?

We will ship our vaporizers anywhere within Europe.