Flower Mill - Premium Edition Grinder

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Stop pulverizing your herbs

Experience a new way of grinding with Flower Mill's patented design Premium Edition Grinder that rolls the herbs, gently crumbling them to a soft, fluffy texture.

How to use

Simply remove the top, place the herbs inside, and put the top back. Twist gently with even pressure, listening for a change in sound to indicate completion. Access your freshly grinded herbs by removing the lower catch.

Hybrid construction

Enjoy the benefits of food grade (304) stainless steel and lightweight aircraft grade (6061) aluminium, providing a safe and durable way of grinding your herbs.

Crumble instead of shred

Discover the extra fluffy texture, as the Flower Mill crumbles your herbs rather than shredding, ensuring a lighter and fluffier product. This helps vaporizers thoroughly extract the herbs thanks to the improved air flow through the herbs.

Perfect size

The specially designed rotor processes your herbs to the perfect size for vaping, leaving no partially processed herb behind.

Low effort

The Premium Grinder is easy to use, with a magnetic closure on the top lid and with a lower collector that only requires a quarter-turn for effortless removal.

Large capacity

With a deep chamber and no teeth taking up space, you can process up to 3,5 g of herbs at a time in this 2,5" (6.35 cm) grinder.

Easy cleaning

Fully disassemble all parts for complete access and thorough cleaning.

Swappable screens

The included medium screen delivers grinded herbs that is optimal size for most vaporizers by ensuring small enough pieces for efficient vaporization while maintaining easy airflow.

If you want more options, the Screen Kit (sold separately), contains four screens of varying sizes. The fine and super fine screens are perfect for maximising the surface area making them ideal for getting grinded herbs ready micro dosing.